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DADA Becoming

DADA Becoming As you examine “Dada”, for instance, you can see the five main sections that would be assembled to be one sculpture. They are basically made in reverse order to their assembly. The head was made first, and put into place last, and covered with the “Dada” plate. The head is composed of seven …

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Bill as Silversmith

Bill as Silversmith Sample of the Silversmith process. (Incredibly compressed) Raising: Flat sheets of metal are formed by blows of the hammer in rows (circles) over steel or wooden stakes, compressing (or stretching) the metal toward a specific form. After one complete “course” (rows all the way to top), the metal form is softened (annealed) …

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LIFE   Island Treasures: Cantwell, Baran-Mickle are latest inductees to storied artistic pantheon By Luciano Marano • January 13, 2020 8:15 am Two new Bainbridge art world icons, Bill Baran-Mickle and Dominique Cantwell, are now counted among the illustrious ranks of Island Treasure Award recipients. Award officials confirmed the duo’s nomination earlier this month, capping a secretive …

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Suleiman This is a young Arab man whose very name translates to “Man of Peace.” The man wears a popular hat, an embroidered kufi, and its tag on top reads “Ahlan Wa Sahlan,” which translates as a common “Welcome” greeting response. He also has the ubiquitous agama lizard peaking over his shoulder.

Butterfly Girl

Butterfly Girl This bust is about things that are endangered. All the butterflies are all on the endangered species list – those that are landing on the woman as well as those emerging from the pattern on the woman’s blouse. This caution about species in Nature that are endangered also reflects upon how society needs …

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