Baran Mickle

Bill Baran Mickle Metalsmith 98110

2018: DADA

This is a humorous look at an unusual fascination some people have with befriending hummingbirds. This is the “humming bird kiss” where someone is trying to invite the humming bird to the flower set in his mouth.
Many people love hummingbirds, and some are involved in attracting them for a “kiss.”

DADA Becoming

As you examine “Dada”, for instance, you can see the five main sections that would be assembled to be one sculpture. They are basically made in reverse order to their assembly. The head was made first, and put into place last, and covered with the “Dada” plate.
The head is composed of seven elements, ears, flower, face and head and neck forms. All are fabricated together. The flower is also made of several parts, including internal nuts to accept the long bolt the comes out of the hummingbirds beek.
The jacket is composed of five sections, pre-textured, formed, and fabricated.
The shirt section is composed of five sections. The shirt of three; the tie of two formed, fabricated and oxidized and is added cold. The tie clip is also added cold.
The internal structure secures to the wooden base and holds the matching-fitting tube to the neck. And another internal nut and bold system more firmly and securely attaches the head to the base and is fixed with another bold system at the back of the jacket.
The assembled sculpture is firmly attached to the wood base around the bottom edge.

DADA Becoming Artist Bill Baran Mickle 01
Internal structure.
Shirt with tie and tie pin are attached.
Final attaching the head to the base.
Title plate
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