LOOMING: “Gestures”

This is the title of my One-Person Exhibition coming up in March at the Artifact Gallery in New York City. About two years ago I answered a query from the gallery, then with a different name and location, and that exchange resulted in a date for a show some two years out, 2014. In the mean time, I have been included in the gallery’s participation two art fairs, ArtExpo in NYC and then at Red Dot Miami, both in 2013. Knowing this was coming, I managed to devote a considerable amount of time to creating new artwork. And while I need to return to other projects and work that I put off in 2014, I just felt I had to reach the goal of a new body of work. The type of work I do is very time consuming so the “body” of work would be on the small side from some standards, but not a metalsmith’s standards who creates works up to two feet across. Luckily, the director of the gallery told me that the exhibition style in New York right now is sparse. No one puts up a lot of work, jammed in, and so forth. I like that! In the next two weeks I will put all the parts together that will support the show, from the pre-packing and prep for shipping, to artist statement and resume to detailed descriptions of the work. Then it will be out of my hands and into the hands of the gallery and of New York City. In a UPDATE closer to the show, I will describe the work in more detail. In the meantime, I will post the AD that is running in Sculpture Magazine’s January-February issue. Here is one of the Ads running for the show in NYC: