Baran Mickle

Bill Baran Mickle Metalsmith 98110

Butterfly Girl

This bust is about things that are endangered. All the butterflies are all on the endangered species list - those that are landing on the woman as well as those emerging from the pattern on the woman’s blouse. This caution about species in Nature that are endangered also reflects upon how society needs to care more for our human female futures.

Butterfly Girl becoming

As you examine “Butterfly Girl”, you can see the two main sections that would be assembled to be one sculpture, the head with hair and the body. However, there are at least 40 elements that are fabricated together or joined cold. The silversmith in me likes the forming of the parts, the large blouse, the face. The puzzle art was creating the hair. The hair is made of 10 sections, pre-textured then formed and fabricated to shape around the face.

The jeweler in me liked to make the butterflies. The nickel-silver butterflies are the “pattern” on the blouse. At one or two points the wing begins to lift up, becoming…. The larger butterflies use a variety of techniques including married metals. The butterflies are all on the endangered species list, including Bhutan Swallowtail and Monarch and Mazarine Blue butterflies.

As you examine “Vitruvian Raven,” you can see ten main elements: Rectangle, Oval, Base (which is an old-style computer hard drive), Computer Charger and connector, Electric Plug, Raven, a branch, lichen and a section of an Aloe Vera plant.

Broken down, there were a minimum of 110 pieces formed, fitted and fabricated together to make this sculpture. Additionally, there are some internal and understructure elements not included in the 110 pieces. It also does not include the “beak-ectomy” where I did not like the original beak, removed it, made a new one and added it on. The point is, there are many evaluations, adjustments, remakes along the way to reach the expression I feel works best for my purpose. This is still “holloware,” as in the silversmith’s trade. A hollow form sunken, raised with multiple hammer courses, plannished and fabricated with the same fine tolerances as a fine silver coffee service.

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