Baran Mickle

Bill Baran Mickle Metalsmith 98110

Dreaming of...

My “Dreaming of…” series makes use of domestic scenes to some degree but each is paired them with a specific botanical plant in a bifurcated canvas of sorts. There is a symbolic relationship between them. Each botanical is selected in part for its sculptural qualities, and the plant’s historical myth, medicinal or cultural history, or personal connections to me. The viewer may create their own narrative, engaging their own imaginations, and involving their own personal histories. The paired are consistent, though quite variable. One side is a botanical that is portrayed a bit more toward a taxonomical specimen than a growing plant. The other side will be a domestic scene such as a room interior or abstracted figurative image. Human presence is important in contrast to the botanical. While in the past I have allowed minor floral imagery to be purely inventive, The botanicals are fairly accurate, as much as hand fabricated images from hammers and metalsmithing techniques will allow. They are somewhat still-life, somewhat taxonomical specimen. Once in place, I then create a domestic scene that suggests, compliments or plays out that meaning to new ends. So, in a way, these image pairings also are puzzles.
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