Baran Mickle

Bill Baran Mickle Metalsmith 98110

Excerpt of Review: “Historical Sources: New Visions in Contemporary Metalsmithing” by Ron Netsky in Metalsmith 11(4) 1991

“Johan Rhodes Update to 1989,” by William Baran-Mickle from Rochester, goes beyond influence or historic precedent to the territory of satirical comment. The piece looked as if it began its esthetic life as a virtual copy of Johan Rhodes’ “Silver Pitcher” of 1925, which is emblematic of pure- form Danish hollowware. But Baran-Mickle has slashed the piece, inscribed it, added decorative squiggles to its surface and constructed a decidedly postmodern base and frame for his version. In adding this everything-but-the-kitchen-sink approach to a symbol of purity, Baran- Mickle comments wryly on moving-target aspects of esthetic standards of the 20th century.
[The exhibition was held at the Memorial Art Gallery, the art museum of the University of Rochester, NY.]


“Johan Rhodes Update to 1989”
** Artwork was also featured in Robert L. Cardinale’s article “1991 National Metal Competition,” 

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