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Photo Courtesy of Price Sculpture Forest
Scott Price, found of the Price Sculpture Forest in Coupeville, stands next to “Inciting Hope,” by William Baran-Mickle. Actually, the statue isn’t physically there, but a new Augmented Reality exhibit at the sculpture park makes it look like it is. This is the only such art exhibit in the world.

Whidbey Weekly March 2, 2023 (pg 8)
Price Sculpture Forest augments reality
By Kathy Reed Whidbey Weekly

Whidbey News Times
Augmented reality exhibit to open at Price Sculpture Forest

Cutting-edge technology is on its way to the natural, idyllic setting of the Price Sculpture Forest.
By Kira Erickson • February 21, 2023 1:30 am sculpture-forest/

The Price Sculpture Forest in Coupeville is boldly going where no museum, gallery or art exhibition has ever gone before. It has just launched a new AR exhibit of four sculptures. That is correct – AR, as in Augmented Reality.
Visitors to the sculpture forest now have the opportunity to see four sculptures that aren’t physically there. This exhibit is the first of its kind in the world, and it’s right here on Whid- bey Island.
Using digital technology on our mobile phones and tablets, this augmented reality experience merges the real world with the digital world, making the sculptures appear in front of us.
“Here, augmented reality refers to merging an interactive, 360-degree digital creation with a real-world setting around it,” explained sculp- ture forest founder, Scott Price. “A real-world sculpture has been digitally transformed into augmented reality and will be placed onto a real-world sculpture pedestal within the real- world forest around it. Through the app, you will experience both the digital world and the real world, seamlessly blended together from all viewing perspectives.”

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